Yafka School | Facilities
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Yafka School facilities

  • Each class can hold up to a maximum of 12 people.
  • Students have access to state of the art facilities found only at top production studios.
  • All workstation are fully loaded with the latest software and hardware including professional monitors and tablets.
  • Every full time student has also access to the Yafka render farm which is one of the most powerful in the country.

The whole experience of studying at Yafka school is tailored so it feels more like a production visual arts place with goals and deadlines to meet.

Over 80% of our last year students completed exercises/projects that made it through on international film and entertainment projects.

There is simply no other school that can offer this type of work experience and recognition while studying.

When there is no class everybody can relax at the school’s balcony overlooking the Parthenon, confer at the meeting room or use any of the other facilities like the fully equipped kitchen and the theatre room.

Each student has its own high end workstation

(HP Z800 or a custom build of equal power)




After graduation, full time students have access to the studio for another full year and upon scheduling with the office can book the render farm and workstation for their own use.
We offer you the space to master your creativity